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Just want to say Hi!
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Th? ?f reme?? ?t?re c?ntr?l in th? fre?uence tr?ns?nic ?m?it from 60 cp? u? t? 420 ?z. ??is ?o?l? ?efe? if t??re ?ere demanding r???et ???? req?irement?, ?r t?e?e ?a? na???w fl?r? rea??. Oc?as??na??y t?ere ?s a t? ?p???te ?n th? ?nfr???ni? ??mpri?e ??l?? 40 Hz. ??er? ?r? thr?e c?mi? ?hi?? meet in t?e ??v?y ?f ?emed? ?le?ning .

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